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Saint John’s Site Preparation Contractors

If you need residential or commercial site preparation services in Saint John, we can help. JA Excavation Inc has more than a decade of experience in preparing sites for building and performing foundation tasks, such as excavation, grading, demolition, and septic system installation. We also do backfill, trenching, contaminated soil removal, landscaping, haulage, demolition-waste removal, and other site preparation services. No matter what your expectations are, tell us what you need, and we’ll give you a quote! Our prices are highly competitive. Call us today to learn more.

You need to make sure that the ground is levelled before you can start with your residential or commercial site preparation work. We have a full fleet of equipment that allows us to handle this task. We can add topsoil or haul away objects to level your site. We also have the materials such as crushed rock, topsoil, and gravel to fill a gaping hole on your property, so we can proceed with your construction project. Our site preparation services include:

New home excavation
Road construction
Building driveways
Lot clearing

Your Friendly Site Prep Contractor

Whether it’s residential or commercial site preparation, we are here to handle all of your site prep and lot grading needs.

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